About LAWS

The History of LAWS

LAWS officially began back on the 11th of September 2017. A few artists were deliberately wandering aimlessly in the area, and observed that there was no sign welcoming people to Lilydale as they drove in along the Maroondah Highway. They tried to put together an official welcome sign, but found the rules rather restrictive. So they had to find alternative ways to welcome people to Lilydale.

Why Lilllydale?

Everyone should live by the code of the triple L: you laugh, you love, you live. It’s surely no coincidence that the triple L is like a reunion of the town of Lilydale with the old Shire of Lillydale. After a century of grammatical estrangement, it’s time to unite the region with the triple L.

About Our Founder

A group of local artists worked with international Urban Regeneration specialists Gap Filler to create the Welcome to Lilllydale Project.


Wednesday 19 December LAWS AGM 2pm Roundbird Can't Fly Cafe

Come along to hear more about LAWS, discuss the ‘Welcome To Lilllydale’ project, find out ‘Why three L’s?’, and even pitch ideas for future creative projects in the town

LAWS is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria